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Bankhead Developments specialise in developing the highest quality residential, commercial and mixed-use spaces. Our belief in making great architecture guides our practice and we are proud to have delivered exceptional projects time and time again. Explore our site and discover how we can work together to develop your dream space.

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Our Method

Our unique method allows our clients to enjoy a true Self Build experience whilst offering full Project Management protection.  We believe that the process of building your own home should be an enjoyable and personal journey and our clients will confirm that, through working alongside our team, this has quickly become their reality.  Our clients are our absolute priority and our mission is to protect and guide them from the very start.  From the initial meeting we have watched clients who had previously felt completely overwhelmed by the whole process quickly regain their enthusiasm and passion for their build.  


We have been asked many times to get involved in projects which had already run into problems that took time and money to resolve,  We believe in a proactive approach and encourage potential clients to appoint us early in the process to avoid unnecessary delays or costs.  


We are always interested in new opportunities and would love to discuss your ideas and how we can help bring them to life. 

Construction workers on work site

Construction Management

Trust isn't the only thing we build well

A key factor of our method is that, by manufacturing and erecting timber frame kits in-house and on site, this allows the structure of the build to grow alongside the client's vision and eliminates huge up front deposit payments, third party profits and costs incurred making changes to a pre-manufactured kit.  This method has been developed drawing on our thirty year's experience of property development.

Building Plans

Cost Management

Detailed.  Realistic. Transparent.

Bankhead Developments believe that the fixed price tendering process is littered with potential cost problems, with contractors often excluding complicated or expensive elements of the build which could lose them profit.  This often leaves the client and architect with the dilemma of having to choose between the least and most expensive price, knowing that one excludes many items where costs may be unknown or variable and the other includes large contingent sums to negate loss of profit to the contractor.  In contrast, we offer detailed and transparent cost management, providing realistic programs and timescales, with no overheads to pass on to our client.

Self Build Project Management

It’s all in the details

We offer access to reputable sub contractors and negotiate all labour costs on our client's behalf.  Using our bespoke ordering system we ensure all material is procured in-house, giving our clients the full benefit of our large contract discounted rates, which would be unavailable to individuals.  At Bankhead Developments we want our clients to feel like the sky is the limit and, using our method, the more complicated and difficult the build is, the bigger the cost savings will actually be.

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