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As Architect’s, we often get asked by clients if we know of any Contractors that we can recommend to help bring our designs to life for a huge variety of projects. As a practice, we have worked with many different Contractors over the years, and all of these contractors tend to work the same way, tendering for a project and then being appointed by the client to complete the development in line with the project drawings and specification. In this regard, Stewart and Bankhead Developments offer something different.


I was first introduced to Stewart over three years ago, on my return to DTA, where he was half way through building a large bespoke house for one of our clients. This build was a complex one however. I remember the project Architect mentioning how proactive Stewart was in solving issues that inevitably arise on site and, given how happy our client was with the end result, I hoped to have the opportunity to work with Stewart in the future. Fast forward a few months, we were appointed to design a one-off modern luxury dwelling on a very challenging site in Bothwell. We put this job to tender, in the ‘normal’ way, to a carefully curated list of Contractors, however due to the complexity of the build, many of the Contractors declined the opportunity to tender or returned very high tenders littered with exclusions. It was at this point that we suggested the services of Stewart to our clients, who could offer an alternative way of managing and building this truly unique project.


After meeting the clients, Stewart was appointed and it’s fair to say the clients never looked back! Stewart’s knowledge, management and problem solving skills were paramount in realising this design, and from an Architect’s perspective, the build was a thoroughly enjoyable experience – due to the confidence we had in Stewart, we were very relaxed that he would be able to build this house to a very high standard, and the end result speaks for itself (even if we do say so ourselves!). He kept us updated on any issues that arose on site, putting forward solutions and listening to our input to make sure the design wasn’t compromised in any way. Stewart also has a unique skill in value engineering a project, that in no way compromises the design, but instead often allows our clients the financial flexibility and comfort to complete their projects to such a high standard. 


Since then, we have put Stewart in touch with several of our clients and he has subsequently been appointed to build another half a dozen bespoke dwellings after all of these clients loved his fresh approach to building. A number of these projects are now on site and all of them are running as smoothly as expected with all of our clients delighted with the works. Stewart’s approach allows clients to be involved in every step of the build, in a similar way to a self-build, but with almost zero of the headache – a process that a lot of our clients end up thoroughly enjoying.


On a personal note, I have developed a great relationship with Stewart over the last few years and enjoy the process of him being involved in a project – even learning a thing or two along the way myself! I would be delighted to recommend his services to clients in the future!  


Claudio Marini RIBA RIAS

Architect / Associate Director at DTA Chartered Architects


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