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"I have worked on a number of interesting and varied projects with Stewart Moore providing both on site inspection and a valuation service where Stewart was appointed on projects with a completed design, and providing a design service where requested.  


I am happy to continue to work with Stewart on projects requiring certification as he completes his projects to an exceptionally high standard of workmanship, and leaves a well finished product requiring little follow up work or maintenance.  


The key to the success of Stewart’s work is his relationship with his clients. Unlike most contractors, Stewart keeps his clients fully involved in the construction process, involving them in the choice of materials and finishes and any cost implications.  This involvement ensures that clients have no surprises at the end of the project resulting in a satisfied client and a healthy client/contractor relationship.  Stewart also has a sound construction knowledge and builds all his housing projects to a high standard of construction, usually exceeding building regulation requirements.  


In all the projects I have worked on Stewart has completed his work on time, within budget and handed them over to satisfied clients.  Stewart is the type of contractor Architects want to work with and I look forward to a continued working relationship."


​​Sandy Ford 


Ford Design Ltd

“As project Architects we are often asked by our clients ‘do you know / recommend any contractors / builders’ and after our first experience of working with Stewart and his team at Bankhead Developments on our project at Cairnhill, Cambuslang, we will certainly recommend him to future clients. What Stewart offers clients is unique, and at the outset of this project we found it difficult to convince our client (and others since) to consider an ‘open book approach’ to the construction process. However, once our client’s met with Stewart they were convinced they were in safe hands to deliver their new home. Little did we know that the world was about to embark on an unprecedented pandemic which would affect the construction industry in many ways including their project. Working with Stewart was a pleasure over the past year or so. He was enthusiastic, proactive, informative and always willing to do his best for our clients and their design. We very quickly built up a strong element of trust with Stewart which continued throughout the build process. Stewart set his stall out about delivering a build for our client to a very high standard and he surpass that in our opinion. His team’s workmanship, quality and attention to detail is evident internally as well as externally and he truly delivered our initial vision for our clients. It was a pleasure to work with Stewart on this project and we hope our paths will cross again very soon!”


Grant Johnston

Architect / Managing Director at CD Architects


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