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Mr & Mrs Vickers

5 Bedroom Bespoke Detached House, Bothwell


Our Story


“We were ready to sell our plot of land and give up on our dream of building a home by the Clyde when we were introduced to Bankhead. We had spent more than 2 years trying to secure planning and obtain the right permissions. We engaged Stewart and all the issues were resolved in a matter of months. I vividly remember our first meeting with Stewart and realising for the first time, in a very long time, that our project may actually be possible. The insurmountable obstacles literally started to melt away as soon as Stewart got to work. 

An extremely difficult build was treated with gusto by Stewart, every challenge was relished and an innovative solution provided. A couple of years later and we cannot thank Stewart and the Bankhead team enough. Our dream is a reality, even better than we imagined. The house is exactly as we envisaged, stunning views, top quality finish and ingenious use of space. It was a joy to watch the build come to life and have all the stress taken away. We are truly grateful to the Bankhead team and all of the trusted suppliers for assisting us along the way with the many (many) decisions. We really felt part of the process and involved at every stage. 

All their tradesmen are experts in their field, handpicked by Stewart to provide the highest service and workmanship. We knew our project was difficult, made even more so by building during covid, but every single person was vested in delivering. We are very proud to finally call 12 Clydebrae our forever home.” 


Angela and Paul Vickers 


Mr & Mrs Leggat

3 Bedroom Bespoke Detached House, Cambuslang

"In 2021 we were expecting to take the traditional tender route for our house build project, as we had done many years ago.  Our architect, Grant Johnston of CD Architects, suggested there was an option we could consider and that was Stewart Moore of Bankhead Developments.  His concept to house building may be different, but with Stewart’s explanations of his methods and approach to construction, it didn’t take very long at all until a decision was made to appoint Bankhead Developments.  A decision well-made and over the build period would prove to be amazingly stress free. 


Initially we were able to see one of Stewart’s builds.  The first thing we noticed on arrival was the way his team were going about their work and the top quality of finish inside and outside this house was particularly noticeable.


From the outlay we had, we would never have achieved this quality of build, had we not decided to build the Bankhead way.  It was extremely well organised with monthly ongoing costs very well documented.  We always felt a degree of control regarding costs, essential with a big budget project.  

Stewart’s management style is now more relevant than ever, since there are considerable cost benefits.  His network of reliable & helpful suppliers both for construction and fitting out, were instrumental in taking time and pressure off us as clients.  


Fast forward to 2022 and we are two well satisfied clients, who have moved into a house that we can treasure into our twilight years.  It was a surprise when Stewart himself even took time to produce the perfect clothes pulley for our laundry.  After that there was less need to worry about him hanging us out to dry!  We jest!!  


A big ‘thank you’ to Stewart for his guidance, sound advice and attention to detail from beginning to end, not forgetting his teams who worked so consistently well throughout.


Safe to say if you are building a house, 

You can bank on the Bankhead way".

Jim & Anne Leggat



Mr & Mrs Coulter

6 Bedroom Bespoke Villa, Carmmunock


"We had never lived in a new house before, never mind built one, but it has been my dream to build for thirty years!

Bankhead made the dream possible and Stewart's attention to detail, along with his ideas were incredible (yes you were right the balcony is amazing).

Our self-build journey was made as stress free as possible.  Any time challenges appeared Stewart was amazing at finding solutions.  Bankhead not only took care of everything, but also their contacts, and Stewart's ability to negotiate great prices with suppliers, allowed us to do more than we possible could have hoped for.  All the tradesmen he  uses were so helpful and so friendly.  Bankhead truly are an incredible team.

We cannot thank Bankhead enough for making this happen and WOW the results have blown us (and everyone that sees it) away!  Having lived in the house for a couple of weeks now we still wake up every day feeling like it's a dream.

Andy Coulter 

Text received from client 6 months later...

"Hiya, hope all OK with you?

A bit random, but just wanted to say that we are still in awe every day. You build a great house mate. There hasn't been a single day that I haven't said "wow" out loud.

Thank you again"

Text received from client 12 months later...

"Just wanted to drop a little thank you to you.  Today is exactly one year since we were blown away and still every single day I have to pinch myself to believe it.

What an amazing house, thank you so much for making it possible".

Mr & Mrs Stewart

6 Bedroom Bespoke Villa, Cathkin Braes


"We were introduced to Stewart by our architect, DTA.  This is the first house we have built and Stewart’s expertise has made it a lot less stressful than it potentially could have been.

We approved DTA’s plans however struggled to visualise our new home.  Stewart assisted us in interpreting the drawings and, based on that, we made a number of changes in conjunction with the architect.  These changes have personalised the house for us and provided the wow factor.

 By amending the drawings he has significantly reduced our costs as our requirement for metal was much less.  He is practical in his approach and we have depended on his experience to resolve potential issues before they arrive, which must happen in every project when moving from the drawing to the building phase. 

Between the original drawings, and what we have agreed is the final structure, we have benefited from Stewart guiding us in conjunction with DTA.  We have complete confidence in his ability, unique approach from a Project Management point of view and his integrity.  We highly recommend Stewart "


Fiona Stewart

Managing Director, Strategic Asset Managers Ltd

Mr & Mrs Clark

6 Bedroom “Eco House”, Kilsyth


"The expertise and understanding Bankhead Developments had over building trades provided was excellent.  In my experience, they are a very hands on building contractor who genuinely cares for the end product and treats the build as if it were their own."

Chris Clark

Director, Emtec Renewables

Stewart Properties

Commercial & Residential New Builds & Refurbishments


"Stewart and his team at Bankhead Developments have carried out several commercial and residential refurbishments for my company, including a number of near derelict properties. Stewart has managed these projects end to end and provided an excellent standard of finish. I would have no hesitation in recommending them for any future work."


Gregor Stewart

Director, Stewart Properties 

Mr & Mrs Millar

6 Bedroom Bespoke Villa, Larbert


"We first met Stewart Moore of Bankhead Developments when he showed us round one of the houses he had built in Saline. We liked the design and build quality, and having talked to the neighbours in this development, it was clear that they held him in high regard too, so our early impressions were good!

Following the collapse of our builder, we did not hesitate to get in touch and he took quick control as Project Manager for our new build. He was readily accessible throughout, and helped us at every turn where our decisions were wavering and he continues to support us if we have any queries at all!

Stewart's extensive knowledge of his industry came through and we are delighted with our new home as a result. We have no qualms in recommending Bankhead Developments!"


Sandy Millar

Managing Director, Scania Scotland

Mr & Mrs Robertson

2 Bedroom Bespoke Bungalow

East Kilbride


"Stewart and his team built us the most beautiful house on our street!


Our house is not only beautiful but it's practical, easy to maintain and best of all, it's energy efficient.  Just what we needed to accommodate the needs of our advancing years.

All throughout the project, people kept saying "it must be very stressful", but it wasn't.  Stewart laid out his work model from the beginning and kept us informed throughout the planned works ahead.  More than that, towards the end, when we were waiting for our previous house to sell to be able to finish the build, Stewart stepped up to the mark going above and beyond his responsibilities and patiently waited for his invoice to be paid.  We are very grateful for this.

Stewart's knowledge and expertise on the construction field becomes very apparent from the beginning and throughout the build.

Special thanks to Stewart's team headed by Riccardo, who turned out to be a bunch of decent, trustworthy and hard working men who liked for too much sugar in their tea!

We wouldn't hesitate to highly recommend Stewart's services to anyone".


Scot & Irma

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